Friday, 23 November 2012

It's been quiet here..

.. on my blog lately... heaps has been going on but not much blog-worthy:
I have been pottering along on the quilting for There's a square in There (5 more squares to quilt, then trim and bind) and the piecing of Firework (7 blocks so far - I was thinking of about 30) . My D4P has been suffering from neglect - still at 30 blocks (of about 90). I have completed another BOM block and decided on a purpose / recipient for it once it's finished. I have a few little projects in mind for Xmas prezzies (just another 4 weeks!). I haven't done anything for Sew It's Finished for this month, I have run out of steam for UFOs (and the few remaining UFOs require a bit of thought and effort, too!).
I did though have a reshuffle in my sewing room a weekend or two ago and have attacked my mending pile - well, to be honest, I just sorted it into 'mindless' and 'not so mindless' work and kept the former as a massive pile on the floor with the plan to attack one every other day (mainly rips in pants and the likes). So far they are all still sitting there (sigh...)

Maybe it's all to do with a lot of other stuff going on, oldest DS is finally and permanently on an insulin pump, works great during the day but night time is yet to be properly adjusted (at the moment he requires a blood test and usually a correction at 2am - which then needs to be checked at 4am - can you hear me yawn? I am obviously too old for broken nights...).
Work has been a bit of a worry, my part-time job at school finishes in December and so far no offer of anything from next year on. I should enjoy just working 3 days a week but that doesn't quite pay that oldest DS' school fees... On top of that we have just booked a holiday in Germany, taking our whole family back there for the first time in 12 years (that's the first time for the two younger boys and the oldest one only turned 1 while we were there last time). Not a cheap undertaking either!

So this weekend, while DH is on nightshifts and asleep during the day, I will try to have a go at our Patchwork Club's Exhibition Challenge: An A4 (portrait) size piece inspired by the first letter of our name. I will use my painted silk chiffon layer method I last employed for middle DS' portrait. This is my starting image:
What are you planning to get up to this weekend?

Happy Sewing!

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  1. We're all too old for broken nights! Hope it gets sorted soon so you can catch up on your zzzzz's. I'd forgotten about the challenge, liking your starting point.


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