Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Handprinted Fabric Swap

Blogosphere is a horrible wonderful place, I get sidetracked left right and centre! Leslie is hosting a Handprinted Fabric Swap, and I just couldn't resit to sign up!!! Not that I know what I let myself in for, my first ever swap, the ATC Swap, is still running and I haven't even started yet!!!! Well, DH has just agreed to do kids' swimming on Saturday so I will have space to make an awfulsome mess on Saturday morning!

It's probably the Gluehwein making me all enthusiastic but I just hope it's a cure for my awful cold that's keeping me from going to work again tomorrow. Well, if I get my reports written tomorrow, I'll have the weekend off to play....

I've finished  the Lorax quilt and will post a photograph tomorrow after I have washed it to minimise the germ spread before I drop it off at school (this will hopefully also get the cat hair off, our white cat Crystal is just testing it out as we speak :-))

Happy sewing!

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