Sunday, 4 March 2012


brought some not so nice weather - I even put on the heatpump this morning, and it's only the beginning of March?! [This blog mentions bad weather too often this year!].

Not much one can do but sew, aye? Well, the internet was off, too, the oldest still has the tummy bug and DH was off work this weekend, so on Saturday morning I put my first four QD9 blocks together:
The pinwheel look of the DD9 has given way to a kind of diamond shape - almost like a medallion type design now?

Close up of the quilting - I didn't realise I could quilt like this!

It didn't completely go without hiccups, the various (and lightweighted) white on whites shrunk slightly differently during quilting, the blocks ended up as 20 3/8" cut before joining. I can't wait to continue on the next four blocks (they're sandwiched and pin basted ready to go).

But I just needed to have a quick change, so please meet Tommy who has now been renamed to Soft and his 'dad':

 Have a good week everyone!

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  1. Impressive!!! I think once you have more blocks added, it will look like an Irish Chain sort of thing.


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