Sunday, 25 March 2012

12 down, 4 to go

Just 4 more blocks to go on my QD9! These most recent four blocks were not without trials, somehow that white-on-whites had shrunk more than in the previous blocks and I had to add a strip of white to an edge on three of them. Also, for the first time I had seriously puckered up one backing at a corner (folding the backing back over itself...). Luckily only a tiny strip of batting visible, and due to using batik I have little concern that the "raw edge" of the fold will fray much. I'll probably handstitch a narrow strip over this. There had to be one more to make it three, topstitching the last binding strip drove me nearly mad, the bobbin ran out, the stitches didn't cover the seam, the bobbin broke etc. etc. I obviously don't do my best work at midnight... Anyway, all done, and I am hopeful that it will get lost in the bigger picture of things. Tomorrow I will try to get the majority of the last four blocks done - stubborn as I am I got it into my head that this will be my March finish for Sew it's finished, so I have to keep going!
Happy sewing!!!


  1. Good luck! Looks like a good day for gardening... hanging washing... the list goes on...

  2. Monika, that is SO COOL! Would you consider a tutorial -- i.e., does it matter how offset the black/white squares are? I have one of those geeky sons who would love this quilt! PS saw it on Sew It's Finished, but can't leave a comment there, maybe they're disabled?


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