Friday, 6 January 2012

Some Finishes

With the weather improving - we actually had a stunning summer day here yesterday - the kids are entertaining themselves more which suits me fine thank you. Happy for every cent of mortgage interest we are paying for the pool when it keeps the boys and friends occupied, and now that they all swim really well, mama bear doesn't have to stand next to the pool for the whole time. Saying that, I had to have a word with them today about NOT holding others under water....
I have been mightly annoyed with my various attempts of using the iPad to blog; I donwloaded a blogger app which obviously is designed for the iPod but functional, but when it isn't the camera it's the internet connection and what have you. So for now I give up on the idea of using it (unless someone can give me a crash course?!?!) and return to my trusty work computer that won't read the camera memory card - but I have found a way around this as my new phone (see December) has 5Mp camera and takes alright photographs (well, as good as you get when you are obviously photographically challenged lol).
A lot of my time has been spent feeding the beasts boys, doing the dishes, the washing etc. but I am utterly ignoring need for weeding, washing the windows and exercise and concentrate on getting some of my projects finished:
Completed Crazy Quilt
Completed Pinwheel Table Cloth - big enough to fit in the middle of our humongous outside table

I practiced my FMQ with some pinwheels

I don't like handstitching the binding but my machine stitching does not always come out pretty, so I tried this ric-rac stitch instead and was quite pleased with the result - it hides little imperfections and adds a touch of colour to the border where before I had been tossing up if to quilt on it or not.
Binding from the back

Reversible with a tie dyed back, originally bought as border but once at home it didn't seem to go with it. I added some purple as border and voila it works! Note to self: Need to work on my accuracy for cutting backing and backing when trying to make things reversible / piece a backing.
My husbands just sighs when he gets home after 5 and again catches me sitting at my machine, but there is still a bit of work I want to get through before I have to go back to work 1 (!) month from today. Here is how far the Dinosaur Quilt has now progressed:
Top is pieced, some of the applique is fused. Size is approx. 40 x 74", enough to go on top of his bed (he has a semi-raised bed with rails around it, and tucking-in does not really happen in our house).

Detail of some of the dinos
Now I am on the lookout for just the right size wool batting at a prize I can afford.  I have also done a bit of research on trapunto, I want to 'stuff' some of the dino features.I have dyed a brushed cotton sheet (it was pink - who needs pink in a house with 3 boys?!) with Dylon from the supermarket to a dark green, so I can't wait to get the batting issue sorted so I can get to quilt! That could become no.3 of 10 WIP done??? And not started a new one yet though Suz and I drooled over some nice looking quilt pics today... (heaps of ideas what we could be doing - not that she hasn't enough lovely things on the go yet, if you haven't been there, check out her blog
Just one more pic of the (almost) finished Mortimer:
I made a bit of a mess with the binding and have decided to take it off and put in on by hand instead
Lastly, I have been watching with interest Leah Day's new Free Motion Quilt along - I would really like to work on my FMQ, and hopefully I will pick up useful tips and tricks from here:
Let's see what the weather gods bring tomorrow, there was some rumour about another bout of rains....


  1. Quilt finishes looking good... you have been busy. Did the back of the pinwheel quilt turn out better using the zigzaggy stitch? The rumour about rain was right... gosh!

  2. Don't get me started about the rain...
    Yes, the back came out just fine, I'll add a picture. Worst were the corners, it took to the fourth corner for me to realise that I could just go to straight stitch and then return to the zigzag once I had gotten around it :-) I'll do that stitch again on another machine stitched binding.


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