Monday, 30 January 2012

But wait, there's more...

Just very quickly, managed to do one more lot of DD9 - Ireckon I will need 8 lots of 4 blocks and have 2 noe, shouldn't take too long :)

Dino quilt binding is making progress except I have sore fingers from these tiny needles.

But my major schievement today was a second teddybear - meet Timmy! Once I had realised that I can machine stitch most seams, itonly took about 2h to piece. I might change the pattern for the next one, with the other fur being shorter I am not sure that I can make it look good - Timmy's long fur was rather forgiving!


  1. Just been having a catch up on your blog, Monika. Love your teddies and love your apron too - looks very functional. Good on your DH for sticking to his guns with your boys! and the dino quilt looks great - the two layers really makes it nice and puffy.

  2. Wow, a regular teddy bear making factory! Those bears are just so cute, and I love the apron - looks very flattering.


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