Sunday, 2 October 2011


That pastel tessellation quilt just doesn't talk to me at the moment... so I keep on going off on little sidetracks to satisfy my creative 'needs'.
Had to do some little repairs to the 8y old's "Don't worry, be happy" backpack - he still loves it, and almost two years on it has held up well:)

 I also pulled out Jan Mullen's Reverse Applique with no Brakez:

Here are my sketch (please note the muddy prints one of our 4 cats has left...)

my secret layer,
(the greens at the bottom don't come out very green on the picture!)

the top with faint outline

and the sandwich ready to quilt:

Plan was I might take it on holiday to hand blanket stitch but this turned out to be a naughty word because after about 6 blanket stitches I couldn't stand the look so I might machine quilt it after all, and I will have to go on a quilting detox for the 10 days we are away (horror!!!)
There are a few other little projects I am working on, one can't be revealed yet as it is a present I have been working on for a while but still need a few bobs'n'bits, and I would love to get my shopping tote finished before the big trip to Aussie; we'll see...

P.S. Reached a new mile stone today; not only have I now found that card reader on the laptop (duh... except the batteries on the camera are flat lol), I managed to upload pics with the ipad (way more complicated though) but I ended up editing it on the laptop after all. I'm obviously not made for ipads...


  1. I can't believe it's been two years since we shopped for that fabric for Y's bag. Jan M does a big sort of quilting stitch around her applique shapes doesn't she - have you given that a try? Or what about trying a "stitchery" on your trip? I can recommend a very good stitch-along project...

  2. Glad you found the card reader! And the flower looks great. Thanks for popping over to my blog and commenting on my crazy story about my scarves. Sorry I can't email you back as your comments are 'no reply'. If you want to change this go into your profile and tick 'share email'


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