Thursday, 20 October 2011


School holidays in my house mean that I shift from looking after (yelling at) other people's kids to my own. These holidays we "crossed the ditch" and had 9 days in Queensland, travelling in a camper from Coolangatta to Cairns. It was great!!! [though I didn't get to enter a single quilting shop (sniff!!!)] and the yelling only had to occur occassionally :-) We got back yesterday and it was FREEZING - 10deg at 5:30am touchdown in Akl vs. 35deg on Monday afternoon in Cairns!!!
Well, today the weather improved and I have 5 dry loads of washing to prove it (one more load left out on the line - I just hope it will still be fine tomorrow!). Still no sewing done, but I pulled out loads of weeds from the garden and collected 9 (todays) eggs from the chooks (will need to do some baking tomorrow...).
I have been thinking about sewing, there is still that pastel tesselation quilt on the design wall (...), I have an ufo I wanted to get back into after my recent experiment with fabric weaving or should I start sth. completely new? I have scribbled down a few ideas, one a collage about the area I grew up in Germany, one about "home" and what it mens to me, one about the sights we saw on holiday - all these require energy and concentration, do I have them??? I like Ms. Lottie's post about her journal quilt, I have thought about smaller size projects since I have read the 12x12 book hmmmmm...
BTW, the reverse applique was machine blanket stitched and turned out nice, needs to be finished, not sure if I cut sth. else out in addition?? I was thinking about putting it into a frame, I don't like the idea to put glass inf ront of it though,there is sth. about touching fabric...
Will see what if anything I get into before these holidays are over...

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