Sunday, 11 September 2011

Making a special effort

Today I decided that I would make a special effort for a particular job I am applying for:
I hope that this cover for my CV makes my application stand out positively and tells the prospective employer that I am going the extra mile, that I am creative and I like a bit of fun. Should it not work out, I still have a fun cover for a big journal :-)
Here's front and back:
Yes, music is one of the subjects I want to get emplyed for ;-). I hope the value my choice of colours which are from their logo. I need to put something over my name in chalk on the blackboard fabric to fix it - maybe hairspray?
Now I just need to make sure I put a similar effort into the application ;-)


  1. Taran's school :-) Heaps of jobs getting advertised now, I might have to make a few more of these :-)

  2. Just an update, I didn't get the job unfortunately - well, it wasn't for a lack of trying :)


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