Sunday, 11 September 2011

Against the Odds Pics

Tadah: Against the Odds, yet to be put up on the wall in the lounge [I need my handy husband to recover from the cold he caught from me :-(] 
Some Details...
I confused myself here, I had wanted to show the block Splashes of Colour is made up from: Imagine a vertical line on the right of the small brown square and a horizontal line from it's right bottom corner over to the appliqued circle, you might be able to see the next vertical line go up from the circle. [I apologise, but in our high tech house hold with various laptops and gadgets I still need to turn on the old PC and printer to get pics off the camera card onto a memory stick to transfer to the laptop - too hard to do this twice within a day sorry!!!]

Can you see my golden bead with tiny bead on top? Looks nice in the original, but I don't know if I would have the patience to do more than 12 (x2) beads with invisible thread in one quilt?!
I freehand quilted the outline of some of the flowers in the sari panel.

The back is pieced - isn't it annoying when you have spent heaps of money on the quilt top, a fortune on the batting, even more on the threads and then you need to buy still more fabric for the backing?


  1. It looks great Monika! Can't wait to see it on the wall... will this mean redecorating?? This one was really out of your comfort zone and I think it has really given you the confidence that you can tackle anything... and win.

  2. Does you laptop have a card reader? It took me a while to find it on my laptop :-), but now I use it all the time is much easier than using cords etc When I started quilting I only used calico on the back, now the stash is large so I just use something I don't love anymore! Your wall hanging looks good, hope hubby is well soon so it can go up on the wall.

  3. @ Suz: Redecorating... the sofas really don't go with this quilt, and with new sofas I could do with a decent entertainment unit and then Chris would probably want a bigger TV - maybe I better stick with just hanging this up for the moment!!!
    @ Leeann: Must have to do with that particular camera or card, my work laptop wouldn't read it (but has read other cards before) or recognise it via cables, and none of our other machines have card readers. Is there an ipad app to upload photos to blogs??


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