Saturday, 2 May 2020

March goals - April goals - May goals

I spent the end of March and all of April working from home, and I expect to continue to do so for at least another fortnight. Our family are lucky to be healthy and happy, both of us have been able to move to working from home pretty seamlessly, and all three boys are engaged in some shape of online learning. Spending 40h every week in front of my work computer, I haven't really felt like blogging, but I have posted some of my pictures on Instagram - about time I catch up on my March and my April goals here!

Not entirely surprising with everything else that was going on, I did not complete all my March goals, and some of them moved into April. For the first time in history (I think) I can say I achieved all my goals!

MetroringsGhost quilt the melon shapes incl. feathers (9 in total) - COMPLETED IN APRIL

Patchworkcity: Sew first couple of rows together to check on size, then add next row - DONE

After consulting IG friends, I settled on 3 1/2" wide sashing
This shot was to check the quilt will be large enough for my bed :)
Rainbow at Sea: Finish the orange blocks, then cut fabric for the yellow blocks - COMPLETED IN APRIL
Officially half-way!
This project is dragging along, but seeing the blocks laid out on my bed in this picture will keep me going :)

Linedried: Piece Section 3 blocks, then Section 4 blocks - DONE

I will wait until I have all blocks pieced before I put the sections together. For the smallest star blocks, I will substitute every second one with a 3" square - who would want to match all those teeny-tiny points?
Section 3
Section 4
Summer Sampler 2017: Piece blocks for weeks 1 & 2, then week 3 - DONE
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3 - my favourite block yet.
Venus: Continue as leader / ender project -  CONTINUING
This started from a project Suz had shared with me on IG, I cut out a gazillion curved shapes and pinned them to a flat sheet. Hubby has stepped on pins that poke out the sheet, pieces have lost their place, I have pieced the wrong blocks together - but when I see it come together, slowly, leader-ender style, the issues seem insignificant :) I won't rush it, but I look forward to the finished top (baby quilt size) which I will quilt to death eventually.
We are officially halfway!
Sparkler: My March goal was to piece another 4 blocks, but I ended up finishing it at 12 blocks and gifting it to a young couple at work who have now had their first baby girl, so this is DONE.

There is some pink ;) 
I hope they get lots of use out of this :)
I liked the pattern enough to start a mini version with just 1 1/2" wide strips; for a change I am using black as the background with a jumble of scraps. We will see where this goes:

Celebration: SID around the 'in between' blocks, then around the outside blocks - COMPLETED IN APRIL

Generous on a double bed
I laid it out on one of my sons' bed to check size on a double bed; it sits nicely with plenty of overhang, just the way I like it. After seeing it there, youngest DS has now claimed this for himself; he would have been happy with no further quilting on it at all, but once I showed him a few examples of custom quilting, I am now allowed to do some more on it :)

That leaves me to commit to my May goals:
Metrorings: Quilt 20 of the diamond shapes on the white background
Patchworkcity: Add row 4
Rainbow at Sea: Piece approx. half of the yellow blocks
Linedried: Piece section 4A
Summer Sampler 2017: Piece weeks 4 & 5
Venus: Continue (leader/ender)
Mini Sparkler: Complete another 4 blocks
Celebration: Design part / all of the ruler quilting, then trial one area / section

To quote our Prime Minister "stay safe and be kind!"

Happy Sewing!

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  1. WOOHOO! So much progress and some really good specific goals. I have been working from home this week and it is really hard to juggle sewing around it! Even doing part time hours. Your blue sparkler quilt looks like it came from my stash! Such a great finish and I spy some striped binding that must have been in your stash for ages!


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