Sunday, 18 August 2019

Middle of winter weather...

... out there today, not very nice: Grey, persistent rain, cold - simply brrrr! However, it helped me make  a bit more progress against my goals from the last post:

Finish quilting Aotearoa from #scrappyappliquequiltalong - done :) I have even cut and pressed the binding (TG for an ancient random ombre green 1/2 metre in my stash), also ironed on some leftover collage pieces for the label. I will have to make a hanging sleeve, too - any favourite tutorials to recommend?
Last weekend - almost done
Today: Quilted & trimmed
Far North of New Zealand = home 
Yummy texture on aqua batik background
Finish piecing the remaining 4 blocks for #patchworkcity2018 - I came across a slight hiccup; since my machine came back from the service, I get random occasions of the machine turning off and on, like a mini power cut. I have the funny feeling it's pedal related, as it seems to happen when I deliberately push the pedal all the way down. I finally have to get in touch with the technician next week. This is the reason why I gave up today after just one of the three blocks that combine to a larger block:

Once Aotearoa is quilted, get back to quilting Metro Rings; well, that didn't quite go to plan. Karin from The Quilt Yarn has experimented with various rulers on her HQ Sweet Sixteen and recently invested in the Sure Foot. I am still waiting to hear back from the shop where I purchased my machine if they can supply the Sure Foot. So in the meantime I turned to my Vintage Quilt Revival top - remember that?

At approx. 108" x 93" too large to photograph in full
A generous stipple under way
After close to 2 years of procrastinating I decided that I would simply have to get it done. While the idea of custom quilting had crossed my mind, I would taken another 5 years to get this done, and similarly if I wanted to save up the money to get it done by a professional quilter. Despite its humangous size, my S16 setup makes it possible, so far I have approx. 6 of 42 blocks done. This quilt might even end up on my bed by the end of the year?

Plug away at blocks for Rainbow at Sea - and I have!

All five sets of this block have been pieced
I LOVE how the colours move across the top
The next set, six blocks, will mark the half-way point. Still a long way to go, but I still LOVE it, so it will get done eventually.

New goals:
  • Bind, label & add hanging sleeve on Aotearoa (luckily I have my Singer 201K to do this if necessary)
  • Quilt VQR on S16, and
  • Continue quilting Metro Rings on S16 (I made sure I picked the same threads for both quilts - no excuse not to work on both :D)
  • Prepare the next set of Rainbow at Sea blocks
  • Continue on #Patchworkcity2018 blocks when my Pfaff has recovered
I also need to make a decision on that baby quilt I want to have ready before November.

Happy Sewing!

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