Sunday, 12 February 2017

I'm still here!

Just checking in, I have not disappeared from the blogosphere or from my sewing room lol In fact I have had a bit of fun, playing, thinking, browsing, buying :) Not long until dinner, but I quickly wanted to update the progress on my resolutions:

  • Finish Press Start
  • Finish Giant Chevron - still just over half way through background fmq; after reading a post by Karin from The Quilt Yarn I have decided I will play with tension (esp. bobbin) and with different needles again to see if I can make fmq more enjoyable.
  • Finish Opal Essence - 21 cubes quilted
  • Complete remaining Vintage Quilt Revival blocks - currently piecing block 16 of 20:
    Exploding Star

    Star and Pinwheel

  • Piece Metro Rings top

  • Flimsy is a very suitable term, it will need a lot of starch and pressing, and then I plan to quilt it extensively :)

  • New little project - steadily adding to the little pile
  • I enjoyed a bit of online shopping, now I'm waiting for a package from Craftsy with batting and another one from Pink Castle Fabrics with Me & You Batiks :) Thanks to Karin's blog (mentioned above), I have also ordered another ruler foot, and I'm determined to make at least one of them work:)

    Work is great, I absolutely love it! Working hard, but everyone is incredibly supportive, and we are already starting to see positive results.

    Not a bad view from the office...
    Flagstaff on Waitangi Day
    Happy Sewing!


    1. Wow!! What a view!! I love your Metro Rings top - that's going to be wonderful all done up. And you remind me that I need to find a ruler foot that fits my machine and order it so I can start learning that next skill that I want to acquire. I've been inordinately intimidated about trying that with a domestic machine, but I see several people doing quite well with it, so I need get over myself and try this next new-for-me thing. :)

    2. Gorgeous view Chick... we are coming north for a few days in June... maybe we can catch up?

    3. Can't wait to see your metro rings in person!


    Thanks for visiting, I love to know you were here!