Saturday, 21 February 2015

Over swirling and a question

Today I finished the black swirls in the background of the Tokyo Subway Map Quit - YESSSSS! The last  of the quilting is in the 'stops', the white with black swirls. You might remember I was quilting frangipani blossoms into that in white. I was making really good progress, until all of a sudden:
A bit loose on top, and
A complete mess on the bottom. I experimented for a while: Rethread the machine, rethread the bobbin, wound another bobbin, changed tension bottom and top, went from fmq stitch back to straight stitch with the standard foot - no success. Any suggestions PLEASE? So close to the end...

Life is treating us well, lots of paper work and organising; finally got my tax number and my first proper payslip (now to find out why they deducted about $1000 more in tax than I expected), have met with a lovely Diabetes Educator (nurse) and are in the process of sorting out what paper work needs to be done around oldest DS' diabetes (as NZ citizen we are entitled to some but not other payments and support, and it's not always clear which ones they are). Work is still a bit slow, but I am starting to get time in schools which is good:) DH had a significant birthday last weekend, we had a quiet day, went for a drive in the afternoon and had a picnic. It was nice to see a bit of the country side! Tomorrow we hope to go to a concert, planning to take the younger boys with us.

Queensland residents were bracing themselves for a category 5 cyclone which caused a fair bit of devastation further up north, we only had a lot of rain which I hope will clear tomorrow. Mst14 doing well at school, Mst12 has settled so well that he has started not paying attention in class and as a result got moved to sit close to the teacher's desk (in my books actually a good sign, and no harm in him sitting close to the teacher in Maths in particular!!!), and Mstr10 is starting to play the trumpet this week - as his dad and I met playing music this is really special for us; let's hope he sticks with it!

Once I have my machine trouble sorted, a few new ideas are in the pipeline; Vintage Quilt Revival is loaded in my Kindle app, watch this space ;) and I have finally decided that I will give the Giant Chevron to 'custom quilting' treatment; I'm thinking of star shape(s) in the negative space, echoing the big chevron, quite possibly somehow offset. There will be marking and hopefully this will make it manageable. No idea what I will do with it when it's done, would be a good size for Mstr14‘s double bed but I doubt he will like it!

I better get on with dinner now, will return to this post on the laptop and give it a bit of a tidy up:) Please let me know if you have any suggestions for how I might be able to resolve my machine trouble:)

Happy Sewing!


  1. Did you try changing the needle? Also try cleaning the bobbin race. You need to take out the bobbin case and unlatch the race. Give that a good clean. You may find a bit of thread or fluff caught in there is causing your tension problem. Good to see you back with a sewing machine. 😀

  2. Hi Monika,
    schön wieder von dir zu hören und schön dass alles ganz gut läuft für euch.
    Ätzend ist natürlich der Ärger mit deiner Nähmaschine...
    Rona hat schon geschrieben was ich auch vorgeschlagen hätte, ich hoffe dass es hilft und du schon wieder nähen kannst.
    Liebe Grüße

  3. I agree with Rona - could be lint in the tension discs or possibly in the bobbin. If you can't find anything obvious - might be time to find out about the sewing machine technicians in the area :o)

  4. Sorry no idea how to fix the tension on your machine.
    I hope by now you have got is fixed.
    Most bloggers I've read today, in Australia, escaped the storm with no damage, this is good.

  5. Lovely post. The trouble is that the tension is not engaging at all from the top, and that's why you have the loops on the bottom. I agree with cleaning out the machine, especially if you are at the end of a project. Then it's rethread again, checking the top tension. I'd try it on a scrap, first, but persevere!



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