Thursday, 11 September 2014

Big move...

... coming up for us. I have been offered a very cool job in Brisbane, Australia, starting in January, and we have decided to accept it. So the big move is on!!!
If anyone has any suggestions about
  • how to move and stay sane
  • reliable and reasonably priced moving companies
  • 'nice' suburbs and great (state) schools in Brisbane
  • 'must connect with' Quilting groups and shops in Brisbane, as well as
  • any tips and tricks for moving from NZ to AUS
please send them this way, we will need all the help we can get :)
Not much sewing going on I'm afraid but lots of sorting out, packing up etc....

Hope you are more productive than I am! Happy Sewing!


  1. Congratulations on the new job, Monika, what an exciting time for your family!

  2. congrats and all the best with the move... just take one step at a time... not everything needs to be done in a day!

  3. Wow that is a huge move! I can't offer you any advice on moving countries, I've only moved within New Zealand. Congrats on the new job, it must be awesome to take you all the way to Aussy!

  4. Congratulations. If I don't see you before you go, I'll come and visit you in Brisbane. My brother lives just south of brsbane on the Gold Coast so I have put in a request for information for you.

  5. Congratulations on your new job and the big move. About the biggest advice I can give you for moving help would be to label your boxes efficiently. If your having movers do it, try to prepack some of your important things so you can label those boxes and know where those boxes should go in your new home. Even if you don't have a new home as yet, label with words like kitchen, sewing room, master bedroom, (movers may do this to, but don't count on it) Have stuff you need to open first in a place where movers can pack it (or if you pack it) label in big letters (Open First), so you know that was your open first pile.

    Any items of value that are being packed, make a list of those as well, number the boxes if needed so you know the box numbers. Like Aunty Jins necklace is in box #23 .. etc..

    Not only will doing this help you find things faster and easier, it will help you when your telling movers who will inevitably ask where it goes what room the box can go in. It will also help you get unpacked faster.

    Their are quite a few blogs that have tips for moving as well, you might try looking them up.

    If your packing your own, check on box types. I love a box that can that has closures already on it, In Germany the movers use these types of boxes and they are absolutely fabulous. Very little tape needed. Ask the moving company if your hiring one for a few boxes that you can pack on your own, emphasize you will only be packing items that need to be opened first or documents that are needed. If you have to buy boxes, don't skimp. Good quality boxes are essential in a international move.

    If hiring movers, be sure to let them know anything your not moving. (This is important for your estimate of the moving cost). On the day of the move, Label with as large a sign as possible any furniture or appliances that shouldn't be moved during the day of the move so movers know not to pack it. Small items should be contained in a pile or empty room so movers won't move those as well. (Things like suitcases or bags your taking on the plane.. etc) Food such as frozen foods or refrigerated foods should be given away, trashed or given to a food bank. Try to keep all your food your moving contained to certain boxes so they are unpacked with the "first" stuff. Any food your taking that is opened, like spices should be packed first in a plastic bag that closes so any spillage that might happen can later be added back to the container.

    I have moved many times in my life and the one thing I've learned, insure your valuables before you leave. Even if the moving company offers insurance, you should carry additional insurance on things like laptops, pc's, tv's, and yes, even your sewing machine. Most insurers just need the value to replace and the serial number. A photo also helps. Anything valuable should be insured. Try to insure with an international company, so it's easier if you need to make a claim.

    On the day of move in (to new home) Label rooms like Bathroom 1, Bathroom 2, Bedroom 1, Bedroom 2 so movers know what boxes should go where. If your boxes also reflect this type of labeling it will be easier for you to also know if a box should end up in the wrong room which you can count on happening.

    Have bottled water ready for the movers, they will get thirsty. If your good to them, they will be good to you. :)

    Don't start unpacking while they are their. Be on hand to answer their questions and guide them to the correct rooms.

    If you have children, pick out there favorite toys and put them in the first boxes labeled so you can unpack it for kids if they are there. Keep kids out of the way of the movers. (Really important) :)

    Hope these tips helped. :)


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