Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Holidays or pre-Christmas rush?

Just misspelled Christmas, that reminded me how years ago my senior students would announce my hubbie's arrival in my classroom with a "Chris, Miss". So long ago lol
So school is finally finished for the year and I am not even employed really until my permanent job starts up from 26 January - even got my holiday pay in one lump sum, VERY dangerous before Christmas... To be a good girl I paid those pesky bills yesterday and I decided against driving to the city, too - might have to go past the closest sewing shop though, I really need some calico for a screen printing project I am itching to do.

What have been up to? Last Monday night was primary school prize giving, Tuesday my youngest turned 7 (!!!) and I saw about 12 of the expected 150 parents for parent interviews, Wednesday intermediate school prizegiving, Thursday Y8 graduation, Friday last day and work xmas do which turned out to be a non-event for me as times were mucked up and I needed to be home before DH took off for night shift, Sunday 7y old birthday party at the Northland Fire House Museum and now we're finally up to the holidays!!!

In difference to other years I managed to get some baking done, you can look up "Weihnachtsstollen" if you like, that's waiting for me to form once the boys are in bed. I have worked a bit on the Dionsaur log cabins, but today I found a fun idea for xmas cards from Quilting Arts - I was hooked when I read the instructions to use some UFO (I actually usedsome leftover blocks from old projects). I have never been a prolific card writer, a few will be enough:

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

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