Friday, 25 November 2011

Photos with last post

So here some of the photos to the last post:
I like the finished product :-)

I have made a start on the Dinosaur Quilt, well, at least put it on the wall:
Note the lack of space around the most outside dinosaurs? Very annoying, one would think they print these so that they can be used in one piece...

Fabrics for the Log Cabins - I have decided I go with the black centre

I have made a start on the logcabins, the first one, done in a hurry, has a whole lot of messed up seams (aarrgghhh, when you think you can rush sth.....), I have started another one and I am more happy with the order, too, but as I am photographically challenged, there is no photo tonight :-)

Tomorrow I have to arrange a 9y old birthday party (cake, dress up, activities) for tomorrow afternoon (obviously a sucker for punishment, I know...). We'll see what if any quilting time Sunday brings but Monday I am off work and after our trip to the next city (80km away) I will hopefully get a chance to get some LCBs completed, photographed and uploaded!
Happy Quilting everyone!

PS Unsure about picture quality, please bear with me while I learn...

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  1. Was wondering what the heck a LCB was! Figured it out :)


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